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About Us

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At mv|designlabs, we love prototyping, designing, and building complex products. Our team has worked on a wide variety of projects ranging from intricate, complex designs such as video streaming hardware for BoxCast to a prototype robot lawnmower for Case Western Reserve University.

Our engineers have cross-discipline expertise across mechanical engineering, industrial design, electrical engineering (analog / digital), and software engineering (firmware / application / cloud.)

In addition to client-centric consulting, we're working hard to release our own product portfolio - stay tuned for more information!

What's New

MV Designlabs
MV Designlabs shared BoxCast's post.2017/10/18 at 3:19pm

We're excited to announce that we've been acquired by BoxCast! The mv|designlabs brand and services continue with even better resources, expertise, and breadth. Read more below...

MV Designlabs
MV Designlabs updated their cover photo.2017/10/18 at 3:16pm
mv|designlabs2017/08/31 at 11:16am

Ever had a USB-to-serial adapter die? Custom debugger for @XilinxInc MPSoCs! 2xUART, 2xI2C, 1xJTAG, and isolation! https://t.co/H5N35mad5A

MV Designlabs
MV Designlabs is feeling proud.2017/08/31 at 2:13pm

Ever had a USB-to-serial adapter die during hardware bring-up and debugging? Yeah, so did we.

Check out the custom debugger solution we built! Dual isolated UART, dual...

MV Designlabs
MV Designlabs shared BoxCast's post.2017/04/26 at 1:29pm

Check out BoxCast's new BoxCaster Pro! Powered by Xilinx FPGA technology, the product features 4k60p H.265 encoding, professional audio/video inputs, and simplifies high-quality live event streaming. The team at mv|designlabs...

mv|designlabs2017/02/15 at 8:51am

Check out yesterday's #TearDownTuesday of a USB C cable! https://t.co/7LOVyYj1BQ

mv|designlabs2017/02/08 at 8:10pm

And we're in it! Excited for #NIWeek! https://t.co/c8MX2bbaWq

mv|designlabs2016/12/16 at 2:12pm

Ending the week with peer engineering design review of @JonnyOnACliff's 16-layer HDI PCB. At the center: @XilinxInc Zynq UltraScale+! https://t.co/2wCMCSQJVQ

mv|designlabs2016/09/21 at 2:51pm

Beautiful day for a company retreat. Celebrating 6 awesome months!

mv|designlabs2016/08/10 at 6:49pm

@jonnyonacliff doing some R&D thermal testing with a @flir E6 #irfilter #nofilter

mv|designlabs2016/08/02 at 9:07am

Back in the @NIGlobal family - presenting at #NIWeek about test challenges for a hardware startup. Weds 1pm ACC Room 12A.

mv|designlabs2016/07/27 at 9:16pm

Last arrival for the day at #osh2016, safely arriving RWY 36L.

The Team

Brad Hughes
Brad Hughes
Division Manager
Jonny Hall
Jonny Hall
Principal Product Engineer
Tim Cochrane
Tim Cochrane
Principal Product Engineer
Tony Evangelista
Tony Evangelista
Staff Product Engineer
Ethan Schweinsberg
Ethan Schweinsberg
Product Engineer

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