December 31, 2015

Manufacturing Services

When you make the manufacturing plunge, you will be coordinating multiple vendors with varying levels of business relationship and expense. Manufacturing a final product requires a significant amount of time, money, and effort. Before you embark on a manufacturing run of your product, you should consider using one or more contract manufacturers. In the business world today, the largest and most successful name brand companies use external manufacturing resources.

Manufacturing Technology Considerations

While 3D printing receive top headlines, the reality is that traditional manufacturing techniques such as CNC milling, water jet cutting, laser cutting, die casting, and plastic injection molding are responsible for the hard work that result in beautiful and successful products. Design teams that have easy access to tools such as CNC mills and laser cutters can quickly iterate on practical product designs and get your quality product to market faster.

Automated Test and Subcontractors

Verifying and validating the design against market requirements and expected user stories is only step one of ensuring product quality. While rigorous design verification and validation is a must to demonstrate that the product meets regulatory requirements and user expectations, the design process doesn’t guarantee that every manufactured unit meets critical specifications and requirements. As products grow more complex and customers have higher quality expectations, automated manufacturing test has grown to be a near universal product requirement. Automating manufacturing test not only guarantees product quality, but also increases confidence and trust in using contract manufacturers.

About Manufacturing Services

We have a proven network of contract manufacturers and subcontractors that specialize in a wide variety of manufacturing technologies. Since our engineers work with vendors on a daily basis, we’ve built trusting relationships that can be leveraged get your product to market faster. We have experience sourcing from numerous vendors in the following areas:

  • PCB (printed circuit board) fabrication and assembly
  • Enclosure manufacturing
    • Injection molded (plastic)
    • CNC milled (steel, aluminum, etc.)
    • Extrusions (aluminum)
    • Laser cut (acrylic, metal)
    • Sheet metal
  • Automated test system design and development
  • Final assembly and order fulfillment

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